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Arcadia, California, USA

[  秦元阅教授寄语 ]

        Amy是我的学生及画友中,在油画技法与灵感方面均非常出色的一位青年画家。她对色彩的感知以及材料的把握有着颇为动人的韵味。有一天她告诉我,准备一改过往活跃和跳动的画风,追求单纯的色彩和宁静的构图,进而达到一种寓有禅意脱俗的画面效果。这令我欣喜若狂... ...




I designed this online art gallery to share my enjoyment of arts with my followers, students and audiences. I'd like to express my sincere thanks to Prof. Qin Yuan Yue, and all friends who encouraged and helped me to have this goal achieved. 

I will continuously update my gallery to present more art works I recently completed.  Also I will appreciate any comments and suggestions from all of you by sign up to my site.