When we carefully observe our surroundings, you may notice art is everywhere in our daily life. Art is fundamental to all objects in the world. When we all can see, from an artist's perspective, millions of different colors formed our universe, we will enjoy our life in a more significant way.
With over 10 years experience on teaching fine arts, oil painting,  It is not important you have zero experience or not. It is the time we start together to finish your first art work.  I will feel so proud when you tell me you wrap up your gift pack to your loved ones. The big surprise will be our great achievements. 
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         当我们用心观察身边事物的时候,是否会发现美术在我们的生活中无处不在,它几乎是一切事物生成的基础。用艺术的眼光成就自己对事物的诠释,提升自我价值是当代人必不可少的修养。我们闲暇之余,拥有一项高雅的爱好并把它当成对自我表达的一种形式... ...我认为人一生有一项成就远比成功来的更有意义、更有趣... ...人生会因此丰富多彩。
        当我的学生告诉我,她们用自己的画作在特殊的日子给了自己的爱人、家人、朋友一份惊喜的时候... ...也是我感到自己最有成就的时刻。

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